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    Coaching Services


    You can choose to change the way you are living,
    create a harmonious life,
    improve your relationships,

    and energize the body 
    with guidance from Shirley.


    You've done everything you can think of, you're exhausted, on the edge of burnout or have already burnt out. You really want change but every 2 steps forward is like 5 steps back.

    The relationship is empty, the job sucks and you're physically drained.

    This game of Life feels more like Sorry, not sorry and you are at the end of your wits. It feels like you're going through hell.


    I can help.


    Guide you through these turbulent waters, regain control of the wheel and help you begin to direct life in the direction you want. Living the vibrant lifestyle, feeling confident and maneuver life with ease, one area of life at a time.

  • Breakthrough
    Deep Barriers

    Does life feel like a revolving door? You know it's not true but you can't help is and feel (fill in the emotion). You quit the job to break-free from the stress and found yourself in the same stress at your new job. Or your new partner is different but the problems are the same?


    The change is deep, deep into the the roots to uncover the limiting beliefs, decisions, and negative emotions that are blocking your path to live the way you envision for yourself.


    Systematically release anything that is creating a roadblock so you can let go of what no longer serves you and create the blueprint to your desired goals in complete alignment with your values.

    Integrative Coaching

    Beginning with letting go, letting go of internal conflicts and begin to see that dream that you've been dreaming of can materialize.

    You know what you want and you're trying to get there but time and time again you fall off track.


    You're ready to
    Take Action! Aren't you? Because it's not willpower that you don't have, there is something greater to tap into and I'm here to guide you through the discovery and share tools and techniques that has change lives at the deepest level.


    No, and's if's or but's.

    Getting results in career, fitness and nutrition, or relationship.
    One step at a time.

    Clarity Consultation

    Don't know where to start?Feeling lost?


    Life is like a war zone and you find yourself firefighting?

    There's so much you want to change yet there's only so much you can do right now but how? How do you figure out what to do next when all the rooms in the house is burning down?


    Start with clarity, now! Problem in career can impact relationship and vice versa and sometimes it's the same dame ugly problem with a different face, but it's still ugly!


    Discover focus and begin to feel at ease and stop the compass from spinning out.

  • Testimonials

    Success with Coaching
    and Yoga Wellness Program

    Suzannah C.

    (For Breakthrough
    in Health)

    As a seasoned meditation practitioner an avid free-form writer and journalizer, Master Reiki practitioner, register yoga instructor, and spiritualist. Breakthrough Session expedited my personal work, shift out what no longer served my journey. It not only helped identify known and unknown blocks on current daily levels, but it allowed me to go to root source to remove and release past present and future triggers. Shirley as a practitioner is focused, patient, empathic and very astute, helping identify blocks by digging deeper gently and non-invasively. Showing gratitude and appreciation for genuine earnest truths working with me to isolate pull out and heal.

    Duncan S.

    (For Skin Health)

    Yoga Wellness has been a fascinating journey with the mind and body. I always had issues with my skin and rash flare ups when I get stressed. With the Yoga Wellness and the liver detox program, I have seen a dramatic improvement with my rash, and flare ups and for a long time finally began the healing process for my skin.

    A Marketing Director

    (For Life Long Behaviour Change)

    I was incredibly impressed and almost shocked with how my experience turned out. I wanted to tackle a specific behaviour - one that had truly been plaguing my life for almost 25 years. It was a behaviour that had become so much a part of me, that I often didn't even realize when i was engaging in it. After not even an hour with Shirley, and feeling like nothing really happened, it has literally been 3 months now that I have not indulged this horrible habit anymore! It sounds crazy and it feels crazy, but I don't even know how else I can describe it other than it really and truly worked for me. It's almost like I am the exact same person - no other changes - but now my mind just doesn't subconsciously go to a place where I partake in that behaviour. Truly amazing!!
    (Oct. 2018)

    May T.

    (For Weight Loss)

    With the 3 week detox program, I lost 12 pounds and continued to lose more the weeks after. In total I lost 16 pounds, went from size 4-6 to size 1-2 and at time I can even fit into size 0. I had never been a size 0 in my entire life!

    Communication Specialist

    (For Emotional Control)

    Shirley's coaching sessions has been such a great experience. I've learned very helpful tools and techniques to help achieve my goal of staying calm when dealing with someone who isn't.

    All the things that I've learned are extremely helpful to use during stressful times, and in overall, it's made me more self aware and in better control of my emotions.

    I'm so grateful for these lessons, they have such a huge and positive impact on my overall well being!


  • Yoga Wellness Program

    It's a lifestyle change,
    a journey to feel vibrant inside out.

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