• The Freedom to Live How You Want

    with Yoga + Wellness

  • Why The Yoga Wellness Program Works

    Integrative Approach: Mind, Heart, Spirit & Body

    Integrative Yoga and Private Classes

    A community of yogis that brings personalized Yoga exercises with a focus on developing your core strength, balance and flexibility to support your health and well being. Practicing on the mat to practicing off.

    Mindset Coaching

    Manage stress, and breakthrough your mental limits towards a healthy lifestyle using the most powerful tools for optimal mental and emotional health. Gain the deep clarity and motivation to achieve and maintain all your health goals.

    Weight Loss, Health and Nutrition

    Combining detox, meal plans and nutrition education to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Learning how to eat at home and out and the benefits of food to promote the body's functions. As a result, living confidently and freely.

  • The Perfect Fit

    Is It Right for You?

    Core Strength, Flexibility and Energy

    We choose Yoga because it brings mindfulness and body awareness to your physical fitness. It's a mixture of strength, flexibility, mobility and getting that balance. It's something every body can do.

    Ideal Body Fat and Weight

    No matter how great you feel on the inside, it may not reflect on your outside. We believe your body should support the lifestyle you desire. Feeling lively and able to spend that extra energy. Less Illnesses. Better sex. Playing with your kids. Even losing that stubborn belly fat.

    Being Resilient, Growing and Happy

    Joy is our guide. It's about adding to life, whether that means growing with our challenges or pursuing what makes us feel good. It is an opportunity to consistently stretch ourselves and gain that flexibility mentally, emotionally and physically.

    Trust and Authentic Friendships

    It's fun, energetic and genuine. We shine the brightest around our friends when we learn from each other and shine together. We are each different and unique and when we come together it is powerful and strong.








    Authentic Connections with People. Experience Joy in Moment. Grow and Overcome Challenges

    I am an Empowerment Coach, Certified Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Board Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, and Mental and Emotional Release®.

    I love to have fun, grow through challenges and everything is an adventure.

    I am on a journey to empower women to achieve their ultimate lifestyle, spread their gift and reach their goals.







  • How it Works Step by Step

    A simple routine makes everything happier.

    Step 1.

    Assessment and Planning

    Step 2.

    Cleanse and Detox

    Step 3.

    Weight Management

    Step 4.

    Exercise and Maintenance

    Step 5.

    Mindset Coaching

  • Testimonials

    Success with the Yoga Wellness Program

    May T.

    (For Weight Loss)

    With the 3 week detox program, I lost 12 pounds and continued to lose more the weeks after. In total I lost 16 pounds, went from size 4-6 to size 1-2 and at time I can even fit into size 0. I had never been a size 0 in my entire life!

    Suzannah C.

    (For Breakthrough in Health)

    As a seasoned meditation practitioner an avid free-form writer and journalizer, Master Reiki practitioner, register yoga instructor, and spiritualist. The Breakthrough Session expedited my personal work, shift out what no longer served my journey. It not only helped identify known and unknown blocks on current daily levels, but it allowed me to go to root source to remove and release past present and future triggers. Shirley as a practitioner is focused, patient, empathic and very astute, helping identify blocks by digging deeper gently and non-invasively. Showing gratitude and appreciation for genuine earnest truths working with me to isolate pull out and heal.

    Duncan S.

    (For Skin Health)

    Yoga Wellness has been a fascinating journey with the mind and body. I always had issues with my skin and rash flare ups when I get stressed. With the Yoga Wellness and the liver detox program, I have seen a dramatic improvement with my rash, and flare ups and for a long time finally began the healing process for my skin.

    Celton M.

    (For Stress Management)

    Yoga has helped me through stressful times such as adolescence, managing university deadlines and now demands of my fast-paced job in the software industry. Yoga has taught me how to breathe properly and breathe through challenging times. Now I try to share the benefits of yoga with as many people as I can.

    Adam T.

    (For Injury Recovery)

    As I have injured my knees several times from badminton, I thought yoga would be a great way to strengthen my joints and prevent further injuries. Now yoga for me is mental stimulation and physical exercises; a way for me to escape from the hectic world to detox and recharge.













  • Answers to Some...

    Friendly Asked Questions

    My diet and nutrition is unique for me... will it work for me?

    We can appreciate all the many diet fads and cultural diversity out there. This program works for those who are gluten-free and vegetarian. This is not a Yo-Yo diet plan. Our nutritionists help you to craft menu plans that best fit and change your lifestyle. We align you to the most effective practices when it comes to getting to your ideal weight, cleansing and detoxifying your body and maintaining your energy levels. Whether you're a seasoned cook or eat outside, we'll help to educate you on what you need to be successful, with your dietary needs.

    What if I'm a beginner with Yoga? (I can't even touch my toes!)

    We cater to Yogis of all ages and experiences levels. With our team of Yoga Instructors, we craft the perfect path for you to hit your health goals developing your core strength, flexibility, endurance and mobility along the way. We understand especially if you might have had injuries before, to cater your practice that best fits your needs. The benefits of Yoga include increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone, respiration, energy and vitality. It also helps with maintaining a balanced metabolism, weight reduction, cardio and circulatory health, improved athletic performance and protection from injury. Our goal is to help you develop Yoga as a life-long practice.

    Will I be able to lose that stubborn belly fat?

    We recognize that belly fat is the first place that shows up. It's also the last to go when it comes to exercise. What makes us different from many other programs and exercises is our unique and proven process to safely turn your body to operate from fat storing to fat burning. One of the biggest issues in the industry when it comes to eliminating belly fat is being unaware of its storage of toxins. If not eliminated properly, it gets released into the body and can lead to many health problems. Our program helps you to release those toxins safely and naturally while trimming down that waist line.

    I'm just not very motivated and give up quite easy, how do you help me? (How do you guarantee my results?)

    While results do vary from person to person, depending on your needs, it actually takes your commitment and action to achieve your goals. That being said, our mindset coaches are here to help you get to the core of your issues and help you release those mental and emotional blocks. We couple it with our community to help you successfully achieve your health goals. If you're someone that doesn't want to put in the effort, then this program won't be right for you.

    What do I do about my cravings?

    We know sheer willpower is a painful process, and definitely not sustainable on the long-run. With coaching, detoxification and leading edge mindset techniques and supplements, we can stop your unhealthy cravings and habits with no withdrawal symptoms and side-effects.

    So I'm like really larger than life if you know what you mean...

    Got it. There's no shame in it, and I applaud you for being honest with your body. Yoga wellness works for all shapes and sizes. It can be a total misnomer especially with all those Yoga ads out there. Taking a holistic approach, we promise to get you to that level of confidence and state of empowerment as you progressively reclaim your strength, flexibility, energy and a healthy body weight and image in a supportive and balanced way. Spirit, mind, heart and body.

    I want to radically change my health situation around, but I've got some pretty terrible conditions, how does that work?

    Our modern life is rampant with conditions like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, smoking, bad skin, irritable bowel syndrome, being bloated to name a few, so don't feel too helpless. But that isn't an excuse to give up. We bring a team of experienced specialists with private and clinical practice to focus on your specific needs and health situations while helping you achieve your ideal health goals.